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February 18, 2020 — As a friend of Oregon Food Bank, you know that our statewide network of food assistance sites supports over 265,000 people each month. Our neighbors rely on a stable supply of healthy food and pantry staples for their families.

We are looking for 100 people to show up for our community all year long by becoming Monthly Sustainers by March 31.

Every day, we meet people who are fighting the cycle of poverty: parents with full-time jobs who can barely afford their rent, senior citizens who are forced to choose between paying their bills and buying groceries, LGBTQ adults and Black, Native American and Latinx families who face much higher rates of hunger than white families because of discrimination and biases that increase entrenched poverty.

The struggles of our resilient community demonstrate that hunger isn’t about a lack of food; it’s a community-wide symptom of exclusion—of not having enough income, power and voice. With your sustained support, we will work together to influence systemic solutions for these systemic problems.

When you give any amount on a monthly basis, you help provide the reliable, consistent funding that is needed to be there for our neighbors year-round.

Your generosity at any time of the year is appreciated, yet monthly donations provide the consistent funding that we rely on to fill the shelves at our regional food banks, Free Food Markets and pantries—this month and every month—and help Oregon Food Bank advocate for real, long-term change that breaks the cycles of poverty.

Thank you for your commitment to our community. Together, we will create lasting change.

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