NOVEMBER 2018 – We are delighted to recognize Safeway Albertsons as our Corporate Donor of the Month for their longstanding support of hunger relief efforts across Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

Safeway Albertsons leverages every level of its complex network of stores and vendor relationships to help address hunger in the communities served by Oregon Food Bank.

From activating its pin pads for customer donations at check-out to driving awareness and relief for summer hunger through in-store food drives to proactively finding solutions to challenging logistical issues to ensure food donations arrive at partner agencies on time, Safeway Albertsons is a generous, nimble and thoughtful partner.

“We believe in supporting the neighborhoods in which we serve. We believe in giving back, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner in that mission than the Oregon Food Bank. We know that Oregon hunger issues are real, and last all year. We trust the Oregon Food Bank to help us make sure our donations make it to those most in need across our state.”

– Jill McGinnis, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Safeway.

Thank you Safeway Albertsons employees, vendors and customers! We are so grateful for all you do to eliminate hunger and its root causes.