As media outlets have reported, Oregon Food Bank declined to participate in the final phase of the Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program (FFFBP) following new requirements and changes imposed by the Trump Administration that made the program unworkable.

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A series of recent conversations with local distribution partners has resulted in a plan that addresses our concerns. Oregon Food Bank is now comfortable moving forward with the final weeks of the program.

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Statement from Oregon Food Bank CEO Susannah Morgan

In recent weeks, the Trump Administration imposed a host of new requirements and changes to the Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program that made the initiative unworkable for Oregon Food Bank. We shared our serious concerns with longtime distribution partners who are on point for the final phase of this program, and were able to develop a plan that better meets the needs of our communities. As a result, Oregon Food Bank branches will continue to participate in the remaining weeks of this program.

To be clear, short-term emergency initiatives like Farmers-to-Families do not fill the significant gaps created through four years of eligibility restrictions and repeated cuts to vital federal food assistance programs. We must hold our elected leaders accountable this fall and beyond to the significant investments and policy changes that are needed to end hunger for good.