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2022 Voter Resources

This week, we’re celebrating National Voter Registration Day — and with hunger very much on the ballot, it’s as important as ever to get involved.

So many of the drivers of hunger are addressed — or not addressed — through public policy. Governors set budget priorities that fund our emergency food assistance network. Legislators pass laws that impact our families’ ability to put food on the table. And here in Oregon, we often make policy changes directly through ballot initiatives like those we’ll vote on this fall.

That’s why National Voter Registration Day is so important — because our votes have a direct impact on hunger and its root causes in our communities. So if you’re able to vote, make sure your registration is up to date! If you’re not not yet registered, now is definitely the time to sign up. Even if you aren’t able to vote in Oregon or Washington, you can help spread the word to friends and family about hunger on the ballot.

We know that ending hunger for good requires an inclusive democracy — one where everyone can get involved in the decisions that affect us. By casting our ballots and helping friends and family register to vote we can have a huge impact on hunger and its root causes. And our opportunities to make a certainly difference don’t end there; hundreds of Oregon Food Bank supporters are coming together between now and Election Day to reach thousands of community members who care about hunger to make sure everyone knows what’s at stake on the fall ballot.

Will you join us and help fight hunger on the ballot? We have tools that make it easy to reach hundreds (even thousands!) of people with a few clicks or taps. All you need is a phone!

The issues we advance through the legislature and upcoming ballot initiatives have a huge impact on our efforts to end hunger at its roots. We’ve compiled voter resources, fact sheets and links to get involved at our Hunger on the Ballot action center — and we’re updating with more information each week. We hope you’ll check it out and get involved in a way that’s meaningful to you!

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