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Stable, affordable housing is key to ending hunger

Everyone needs a safe place to call home. Our communities are healthier and more stable when families have affordable, long-term housing. But right now, more than 50 percent of renters in Oregon do not have enough money after rent to afford food and other basic necessities. This underscores an essential fact: housing insecurity isn’t just a housing issue — it’s a key driver of hunger.

Our state lawmakers have the opportunity to move Oregon closer to our vision of a place where no one goes hungry and everyone has a place to call home. Rent stabilization is a key part of Stable Homes for Oregon Families Homelessness Prevention Package. If passed, it would set reasonable rent limits to protect Oregonians from the extreme rent increases that drive housing insecurity. Email your lawmakers to support reasonable rent limits that keep families in their homes.

When housing is unaffordable, it forces many families to make hard decisions about whether to pay the bills or put food on the table. This affects all people impacted by oppressive systems, especially Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color, immigrants, trans and gender nonconforming communities, and single parent households.

We must address housing insecurity in order to end hunger at the root. By passing the Stable Homes for Oregon Families Homelessness Prevention Package we are investing in a healthier, more resilient Oregon.

Email your lawmakers to tell Oregon lawmakers that our housing solutions are our hunger solutions.

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