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We must eliminate poverty to end hunger for good

When money is tight, families are forced to make impossible decisions about whether to pay the bills or keep food on the table. No one should ever go hungry to cover their other basic needs. That’s why we must prioritize the long-term policy solutions that invest in the financial well-being of low-income families and communities.

The long legacy of disinvestment and systemic exclusions mean that Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color, immigrants and refugees, single moms and caregivers, and trans and gender-diverse communities are two to three times more likely to face hunger and poverty in our region. We must address these economic disparities in order to end hunger for good.

This legislative session, we’re supporting policy solutions that provide cash assistance directly to individuals and families. Sign the petition to tell lawmakers to support these investments to address poverty in Oregon! Read more about the proposed policies below:

Oregon Kids Credit (HB 3235)

This bill would create a refundable tax credit of $1,200 per eligible child per year to help Oregon families struggling with the rising costs of raising kids. In 2021, the federal monthly Child Tax Credit reduced food insufficiency by 26%. Sadly, that policy expired at the end of 2021. Oregon Center for Public Policy estimates that HB 3235 would reduce child poverty in Oregon by nearly one fifth.

TANF Redesign

This bill would increase and improve access to cash assistance for families experiencing deep poverty.

Oregon Worker Relief Fund

This fund provides cash assistance to Oregonians who are ineligible for other programs due to immigration status.

When we invest in our communities, we can make Oregon a place where families don’t have to choose between paying their bills or accessing food. Sign the petition today to support these policy solutions!

Ever since Republicans in the State Senate walked off the job, our state legislators have been blocked from passing these kinds of transformative policies and investments to end hunger for good.

We count on our elected officials to work for us, and it’s time for them to come together and do what’s right for our communities. Learn more and join us in urging Senate Republicans to come back to work on behalf of people facing hunger in Oregon.

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