Oregon Food Bank encourages a “no” vote on Measure 105

October 10, 2018 – This November, Oregonians that care about ending hunger have a job to do—pass policies that support people experiencing hunger and defeat policies that do not. Oregon Food Bank has taken a stance on several ballot measures in the November 2018 election because we believe they will directly impact the people our network serves. If you can vote, join us in voting on these critical measures. If you cannot vote, educate and encourage other people in your life to take action.

Measure 105: Racial profiling – NO
Measure 105 would throw out Oregon’s existing “sanctuary” law. This law passed with broad support from Republicans and Democrats and has been protecting Oregonians from unfair racial profiling for more than 30 years. This measure would permit state and local law enforcement agencies to stop, detain, or interrogate any Oregonian simply because someone is perceived to be an undocumented immigrant—leading to an increase in racial profiling.

Under current law, state and local law enforcement can hold people accountable, including both immigrants and non-immigrants, if they commit crimes and harm our community. Current law also keeps Oregon taxpayer money in our communities, rather than diverting it to the job of federal law enforcement.

Stories shared by members of the Oregon Food Bank Network state that the current anti-immigrant political rhetoric on the national level and presidential executive orders have had a noticeable chilling effect on the number of immigrants that access food pantries and other services.

Measure 105 encourages racial profiling with collateral impacts on communities of color and long established immigrant communities in Oregon and the United States, thereby reinforcing disproportionate cultural and institutional barriers to their social acceptance and economic success. Oregon Food Bank believes that… no one should be hungry. Oregon Food Bank urges a NO vote on Measure 105.