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September is Hunger Action Month. Take action now to help end hunger!

by Susannah Morgan, CEO

September is Hunger Action Month — a time, each year, when people all over America take a stand against hunger by volunteering, raising funds and advocating for policy change.

But this year is unlike anything in recent memory. One in five Oregonians is out of work. We have more than 25,000 diagnosed cases of COVID-19. And our communities face a hundred-year flood of hunger — certainly the worst food insecurity we’ve seen in at least a generation.

This public health and economic crisis serves as a constant reminder that policy decisions matter; program investments matter; the priorities of our elected leaders matter.

So at a time of great challenge and with an historic election ahead of us, our community is coming together in new ways during Hunger Action Month —  beginning with a pledge to #VoteOutHunger this fall. 

In the Capitol, on the streets and at the ballot box, we’re taking steps to address hunger at its roots.

  • We’re working to ensure all of us have the opportunity to earn a living, have access to quality healthcare and education, and live in housing that’s safe and affordable.
  • We’re united in driving toward an inclusive future where real resources are focused on addressing hunger’s root causes, like poverty and systemic racism.
  • We’re coming together to build the kind of community power that’s needed to emerge stronger from this crisis and end hunger for good.

So I encourage everyone to take the first step right now: pledge to #VoteOutHunger today. Join us on this journey throughout Hunger Action Month and beyond — and invite friends and neighbors to do the same.

Because together, we can #VoteOutHunger and ensure all our communities emerge stronger.

Thanks for all you do,

Susannah Morgan
CEO, Oregon Food Bank

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September is Hunger Action Month!

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