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April 2021 – Safeway Albertsons has been a valued partner of the Oregon Food Bank Network for many years — supporting our work to end to hunger and its root causes throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Safeway and Albertsons prioritize hunger relief daily, and are dedicated to feeding our neighbors. We couldn’t do this without our longstanding Oregon Food Bank partnership. We are truly proud to be recognized as the Corporate Donor of the Month, because we know that the work we do as a large company is so important to hunger relief in Oregon. We must all do our part, however large or small that may be.

– Jill McGinnis, Director of Communications & Public Affairs

In 2020, Safeway’s food donations alone brought the equivalent of 3,921,838 meals to the Oregon Food Bank Network. Most recently, Safeway Albertsons customers have donated more than $660,000 to date through a register donation campaign as part of the KGW Great Food Drive.

Many stores across Oregon and Clark County, Washington participate in the Fresh Alliance program, in which they donate safe, edible grocery items that might otherwise be composted or discarded. Safeway is a key partner in Oregon Food Bank’s work to localize Fresh Alliance partnerships, matching local stores directly with nearby partner agencies. A New Local Focus is a core element of Oregon Food Bank’s 10-year vision.

Safeway Albertsons and Oregon Food Bank both recognize that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have been particularly hard hit by food insecurity, especially during the pandemic. Roughly 86% of Latinx households with children and 66% of Black households with children reported serious financial problems during the outbreak, compared to 51% of white families reporting the same. Thanks to Safeway Albertsons Marginalized Communities grant program, Oregon Food Bank was awarded $100,000 to support culturally specific programs that strengthen the food assistance system in marginalized communities and that amplify BIPOC leadership to end hunger and its root causes.

Thank you, Safeway Albertsons employees and customers, for your commitment to ending hunger and its root causes!

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