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Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month 2022: Hunger on the Ballot

Throughout Hunger Action Month and beyond, people are coming together to create the future we dream of — one where our communities never know hunger. When we vote by November 8, we all move closer to ending hunger for good.

Learn how our communities can make a difference

Together, we made a huge difference at the ballot box — and we can’t stop there! Now we have to hold our elected officials accountable to ending hunger in our communities. Check out the election results, what they mean for food insecurity, and the major opportunities ahead to ensure food is available to all Oregonians.

You can make a difference in three easy ways

Volunteer: Sign UpA raised fist holding a pencil. Illustration.

Thank you for taking action!

Find the election results here.

Find Support: Network

Tell us why you voted!

Take a selfie with your “I voted” sticker, share why you voted and tag @oregonfoodbank!

Giving (Individual): Fundraiser


Let’s not stop here! Together, we can keep holding our elected officials accountable! Take the Food for All Oregonians pledge.

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Watch the State of Hunger Address

Oregon Food Bank CEO Susannah Morgan shares the latest on food insecurity in our communities, the issues we're working on to address hunger at its roots, and ways each of us can get involved and make a difference. Plus answers to questions submitted by community members!

Learn more about Hunger on the Ballot

Policy Updates

Stable, affordable housing is key to ending hunger

Policy Updates

Community Leadership: Central Oregonians need Food for All Oregonians

Policy Updates

New USDA Rule to Provide Free School Meals to Oregon Children — if State Legislators Act

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