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Find the giving option that’s best for you

One in five people in our community experience food insecurity, and systemic oppression increases the rate of food insecurity for people of color, immigrants, refugees, single mothers and caregivers, and transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. When you give to Oregon Food Bank, you support people facing hunger today and become part of a movement to build resilient communities where every voice matters.

Participate in a workplace giving program

Get people across your organization involved in donating to a cause they care about. There are multiple ways you can make a financial contribution through employer-sponsored programs like payroll deductions, events or double your impact through matching gifts. Click the button below to use our online matching gift tool and find out if your employer will match your gift.

Employer Match

Have an idea for an employer/employee campaign or fundraising idea?

Giving (Business): Workplace Giving
Giving (Business): Host Fundraiser

Become a sponsor

Show your company’s commitment to ending hunger. Oregon Food Bank offers exciting sponsorship and recognition opportunities, from advertising on trucks and equipment to events and hunger programs.

Download our sponsorship package to learn more about your options or contact us for more information.

Giving (Business): Sponsorship

Create a cause-related marketing program

Design a marketing program that gives customers and employees a way to help eliminate hunger and its root causes. Examples include encouraging donations at the point of purchase, donating a percentage of sales, and product-based fundraisers.

We’re here to support you. Reach out to learn more.

Giving (Business): Cause-related

Donate food, goods or services

Your donation can help provide nutritious meals to neighbors facing food insecurity. Whether you donate boxes for packing food or protective gear for our volunteers, or you have an idea for providing a service, you can make a difference for our community.

Note: We are only accepting food donations from partners in the food industry at this time.

Giving (Business): Donating

I’ve started a giant cinnamon roll auction for Oregon Food Bank. I am going to do this as long as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

Whitney, Portland, Oregon
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