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No one should ever go hungry. But one in five people in our community experience food insecurity, and systemic oppression increases the rate of food insecurity for people of color, immigrants and refugees, single mothers and caregivers, and transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. When you give to Oregon Food Bank, you support people facing hunger today and become part of a movement bringing people together to build stronger, more resilient communities where every voice matters.

Donate once or monthly

Donate one time, set up a monthly donation, or give from your IRA or stocks to provide ongoing support for our work to build communities that never know hunger.

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Donate with friends or family

Rally your community to give generously. Use our online fundraising tool to help eliminate hunger and support equal access to nutritious food. You can contribute to an existing effort or set up your own.

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Make a planned gift

You can help build resilient, hunger-free communities for generations to come. Contact us to learn about naming Oregon Food Bank as a beneficiary in your will.

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Donate a vehicle

Donate your vehicle, and the proceeds will contribute to a future without hunger. We partner with Volunteers of America on vehicle donations, including cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats and more.

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I believe that if we help our neighbors today, this will be a better place to live for everybody. I am truly following my ikigai — my purpose in life — by giving back to the community and by giving to Oregon Food Bank.

Anne, Portland, Oregon
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