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Championing Equity and Excellence: Rut Martínez-Alicea Awarded 2023 Portland Business Journal HR Leadership Award

Rut Martínez-Alicea, Director of Equity, People, Culture and Administration at Oregon Food Bank, was honored with the esteemed 2023 Portland Business Journal HR Leadership Award. At the Portland Business Journal award ceremony on June 22, 2023, Rut's unwavering commitment to equity, innovation and transformative leadership was celebrated as she was recognized as a leader in the field of human resources. Under her guidance, Oregon Food Bank has made remarkable strides in achieving our mission to eliminate hunger and its root causes.

More about Rut in Portland Business Journal

Rut's visionary leadership has driven the transformation of Oregon Food Bank's organizational strategy, placing a strong emphasis on racial and social justice. Through innovative compensation structures, management trainings and culture changes, Rut has fostered an equity-centered workplace resulting in high staff retention. Her work reaches outside of Oregon Food Bank’s walls through community partnerships, resulting in a 333 percent increase in collaborations with organizations serving Oregon Food Bank’s priority equity constituencies — Black, Indigenous and all People of Color, immigrants and refugees, gender expansive individuals, and single mothers and caregivers.

Rut's dedication to building an inclusive workplace culture has been instrumental in shaping Oregon Food Bank. The department has developed an extensive equity training program, addressing topics such as decolonialism, anti-racism, sexual harassment prevention and microaggression intervention. In addition, the department’s innovative Equity Institute offers immersive learning experiences to equip staff and partners with the tools to address hunger and its root causes through an equity lens.

Rut Martínez-Alicea's exceptional achievements as an HR leader at Oregon Food Bank make her a deserving recipient of the Portland Business Journal HR Leadership Award. Her transformative leadership, commitment to equity and innovative management practices have not only strengthened Oregon Food Bank's ability to serve its mission but also set a benchmark for excellence in the field of human resources.

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