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Creating a World Without Hunger: Ner Moo


Ner Moo is an Oregon Food Bank Ambassador who works with fellow members of the Karen community — an ethnic group primarily located near the Thailand-Myanmar border. Like so many of his neighbors, Ner Moo’s family are refugees who fled ethnic violence in their home countries.

Ner Moo’s experiences growing up in a refugee camp and going through resettlement in the United States led to a passion for community gardening and farming. He’s seen first-hand the positive impact these efforts can bring to a vulnerable community — leading a group that grows white eggplants, basil, water spinach, and other culturally-relevant produce and herbs that were sourced from their home countries with Oregon Food Bank’s support. Each month, their harvest forms the foundation of an incredible Free Food Market that serves the Karen community and beyond.

After several years in our community gardens, Ner Moo and his neighbors recently acquired a significant plot of land in Boring, OR, with support from our friends at Outgrowing Hunger. The expansion will add capacity to their free food distribution efforts, reaching even more families throughout the area.

We hope you'll work with us to strengthen regional food systems through many efforts across our network, including the Oregon Food Bank Ambassador program. Your support strengthens the work of Ner Moo and other leaders at the forefront of the anti-hunger movement.


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