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Voters on Jan. 23 to determine future of uninsured low-income Oregonians

January 2, 2017 – We recently talked with Connie from Vale, Oregon about how she lives on a fixed income, accesses her local pantry and what it means to have affordable healthcare.

“I have lived in the Vale area for 6 years. I live on a pension right now, cause I am not old enough for Social Security,” says Connie. “So, I get a pension once a month and I have to pay all my bills. You have to make ends meet with all that on one income. It is hard. If it wasn’t for the pantry, I don’t know what I would be doing.”

“I really appreciate having Medicaid,” says Connie. “I worked for the insurance company for 31 years and I have better insurance now than I did working for that company because I am on Medicaid in the state of Oregon. I pay nothing for my doctors and I pay nothing for my medications. My insulin alone would be $600 a month. It is too bad that I have to be this poor to get full health insurance like this. It shouldn’t be happening in a country so wealthy.”

The Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program, is a key link for those we serve across Oregon to have access to affordable healthcare. Our state is a better place when everyone has access to affordable care and nutritious food.

Voters have a chance to have their say on how Oregon covers uninsured low-income individuals through Measure 101 in the January 23 Special Election. Ballots will be mailed the first week of January.

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