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Are You the Next Oregon Food Bank Community Cultivator or Changemaker?

At Oregon Food Bank, we believe food is a basic human right. Community partnerships help actualize our vision of resilient communities that never know hunger. We work to end hunger and its root causes alongside engaged and socially-responsible corporate and organizational partners.

The Community Cultivator and Changemaker programs honor donors whose mobilization helps end hunger at its roots (formerly known as the Corporate Donor of the Month and Volunteer Action acknowledgment). These qualitative programs recognize a wide range of support, including the gifts of time, money and energy. We look forward to celebrating donors from diverse industries who give through a wide array of services and engagement.

Who are Community Cultivators and Changemakers?

Community Cultivators and Changemakers reflect Oregon Food Bank’s vision and values. We center love, equity and community by addressing the root causes of hunger. At Oregon Food Bank philanthropy means a love for humankind. We nurture partnerships that center a loving commitment to our communities.

  • A Community Cultivator is an organization/business that is an engaged leader. They have gone above and beyond and make a significant impact toward eliminating hunger and its root causes. Community Cultivators take strong action to advance equity and racial justice.
  • A Changemaker is an organization/business that takes action by volunteering. We recognize changemakers for giving the gift of time throughout the year. Changemakers lead with passion and a commitment to ending hunger and its root causes.

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Why are these programs important?

A meaningful gift can look different than a monetary donation. Whether you donate money, volunteer your time, support one of our partners or rally your community to give together, you are contributing to a future without hunger.

The Community Cultivators and Changemakers programs are:

  • More inclusive of the wide variety of companies that support Oregon Food Bank (including small- and mid-sized businesses, BIPOC-owned businesses, etc.); and is
  • More inclusive of the different ways that companies support Oregon Food Bank – such as advocacy, volunteering and other non-financial contributions.

Traditional donor recognition programs are predicated on the donation of large amounts of money and brand recognition. This can invisibilize creative and meaningful philanthropic contributions of small businesses and organizations, specifically those led by BIPOC constituents. Decentering money and centering those with lived experiences of hunger creates a stronger movement to end hunger and its root causes.

Our values-aligned collaborators share our vision. We appreciate their commitment to building resilient communities that never know hunger. Together, we can end hunger and its root causes.

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