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Thanks to this community, the impossible seems possible.

by Susannah Morgan, CEO

If this hard, hard year has proved one thing, it’s that the impossible is possible.

That our community, through the actions we take, makes the most difficult things seem doable.

That we can truly emerge stronger, thanks to the shared effort we’ve all been engaged in for so many months.

We are currently suffering the highest rates of hunger we have seen in a century, a crisis that may seem impossible to meet. And yet, this community has rallied — shattering every record for donation in this season of giving — to ensure we have the resources to get food to all of our neighbors.

Congress has been stalled for months and months, failing to pass a new stimulus package to protect our families and our jobs. It has long seemed like an impossible impasse to break through, but this community’s advocacy is on the verge of forcing the U.S. Senate to act.

Thousands of Oregonians stand to lose their homes — in the middle of a pandemic — if the state’s foreclosure and eviction moratorium isn’t extended by December 31.  The fallout in our communities is impossible to imagine. So hundreds of you took action to pick up the phone or emailed your legislators and our governor. And thanks to your voices, it now looks like there’s going to be legislative movement to prevent our neighbors from ending up on the streets.

You give me hope that anything that seems impossible is something that we can do, together. So please keep taking action.

This community’s support and action is what will ensure that we all — every one of us — emerge stronger.

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