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Our communities face a dark winter. But, together, we can be the light.

by Susannah Morgan, CEO

Right now, we are looking at a dark winter, indeed. So I am asking you to please be the light.

Why is it dark?

Because COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing across Oregon and throughout our country, and more than 800 of our neighbors have lost their lives.

Because hunger — which was already a crisis before this pandemic — has doubled since March.

Because public health restrictions, which are so desperately needed to save lives, will also mean that many of our neighbors will find it even harder to feed themselves and their families.

So I’m asking you, please for yourself and for our community, be the light and take action today.

These times are hard and they are dark — but, together, we can be the light. Please do what you can and take action to help ensure that we all emerge stronger.

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